More on Diabetes, Obesity, and Prostate Cancer

The evidence continues to build: POPs chemicals (e.g., organochlorine pesticides) and a common fumigant in strawberry agriculture (methyl bromide) cause type 2 diabetes and obesity and prostate cancer.

The Pesticide Action Network just published (8-31-2011) an article describing two more studies. The Finnish National Institute for Health reported that persons carrying the highest levels of POP-type pesticides in their blood were most likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes. This correlation was also corroborated by the U.S. National Institutes of Health in a study of 30,000 pesticide applicators (field workers) and their families. In a separate study of 900 people they also found that those with higher levels of POPs pesticides were more likely to have more body fat.

The Daily News Blog of Beyond Pesticides (8-30-2011) quoted a report in the American Journal of Epidemiology that studied people exposed to agricultural pesticides by drift (i.e., carried on the air) rather than by direct field exposure. They found that exposure to methyl bromide or various organochlorine pesticides increased the risk of prostate cancer by 60% over that of persons not exposed.

You may not be a farm worker, but do you live near – especially down wind of – large agricultural fields that are not organic. Do you use organochlorine pesticides on your garden? Are they used on the golf course you play? Your health will benefit from paying attention.


About donlouis

The author has long had a keen interest in staying healthy and fit, and in doing whatever I can to keep the natural environment unpolluted and a healthy space for people and all animals. As a former Board Member of a municipal water district, I regularly had to deal with the issue of water quality. I first became aware of radiation hazards from toxic materials while working on uranium for nuclear reactors. During the 1960s I was tuned into the global hazard from Strontium 90 raining down from atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. While working in the chemical industry in later years I became aware of the many forms of chemical contaminants entering the environment every day, and resolved to do something about it. I am able to make sense out of the voluminous descriptions of common toxic chemical because of my training in chemistry, with a Ph.D. degree and several decades of research and development work in the chemical industry. My training and experience enables me to present to readers reliable and current information on the topic of chemical hazards in the environment, and their threats to human health. All my life I have loved hiking and camping in nature. Skiing, river kayaking, and tennis have been my favorite physical activities. Nature photography is my artistic passion.
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