Moms Alert – Damaged Babies

Hormones which are essential to the faithful growth of the baby can be disrupted by so-called endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs), resulting in birth or developmental defects.

We have potent news about the link between EDCs and human development. The source is an interview with Dr. Shanna Swan, who is VP for research in the department of preventative medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. She said “The major findings I have are that certain EDCs, specifically pesticides, phthalates and Bisphenol-A are significantly related to human development, more strongly when the exposure is fetal (in the womb), but also some adult exposures.”

DDT, endosulfan and atrazine pesticides, and the fungicide vinclozlin, are known EDCs.. Phthalates like DEHP in vinyl products, such as soft baby toys, shower curtains, and some transfusion tubing; DEP in hair sprays; and DBP is nail polish, are strongly suspected as endocrine disruptors. By now you undoubtedly know that Bisphenol-A (BPA) is found in some plastic bottles and containers, and in the lining of food cans.

Almost a footnote to my March 16 article (Hormonal Sabotage) is a comment about BPA on ATM and sales receipts. Further investigation has confirmed this; specifically, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited has confirmed that their thermal papers (sales and ATM receipts) do contain BPA. Nevertheless, Mitsubishi and the European Thermal Paper Association strenuously assert that the BPA on their papers is safe for humans. Although BPA is not acutely toxic, we are concerned with its chronic (low level and long term) toxicity. Would you believe the producer of a suspect chemical, or statements from scientific research?

Dr. Swan was asked, “There has been a lot of controversy for many years over the health risks of low-dose exposure to chemicals such as phthalates. Looking at the science, is there any evidence to support this?” She replied, “There is absolutely no doubt that tiny, tiny doses of hormones can permanently alter the development of the fetus – at the right time.” Implied is that there is absolutely no doubt that tiny, tiny doses of hormone disruptors can permanently alter the development of the fetus.

Toxic chemicals linked to birth defects are being found at alarming levels in women of childbearing age. The reason for this can be discovered in the website Too Pretty, which gives detailed information on phthalates in beauty products.


About donlouis

The author has long had a keen interest in staying healthy and fit, and in doing whatever I can to keep the natural environment unpolluted and a healthy space for people and all animals. As a former Board Member of a municipal water district, I regularly had to deal with the issue of water quality. I first became aware of radiation hazards from toxic materials while working on uranium for nuclear reactors. During the 1960s I was tuned into the global hazard from Strontium 90 raining down from atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. While working in the chemical industry in later years I became aware of the many forms of chemical contaminants entering the environment every day, and resolved to do something about it. I am able to make sense out of the voluminous descriptions of common toxic chemical because of my training in chemistry, with a Ph.D. degree and several decades of research and development work in the chemical industry. My training and experience enables me to present to readers reliable and current information on the topic of chemical hazards in the environment, and their threats to human health. All my life I have loved hiking and camping in nature. Skiing, river kayaking, and tennis have been my favorite physical activities. Nature photography is my artistic passion.
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