A Perspective on Health and Disease

Of course, each of us wants to be radiantly healthy and free of disease, not only in our youth where it is taken for granted, but also throughout our adult lives.

Too often we neglect doing the positive things that we know are healthy, and rely upon doctors to heal us when we are ailing. But surely, each of us knows the recipe for achieving good health – it’s in the news all the time. Eat a balanced diet, and limit your calories. Get enough exercise, of any form. Keep your stress level down – one of the hardest things to do. Have an affectionate and supportive marriage or partnership. Have friends whom you regularly see and have fun with. Take time out for relaxation and simple pleasures, like walking the dog, or gardening, or playing golf. Get regular physical check ups.

Would attention to these common-sense and well known actions keep us healthy? No!

They are necessary but not sufficient for our long-term health. There is one more item that must be attended to in order to have a healthy life, free of disease well into later years: keep toxic chemicals out of our bodies. Ideally, a person would live in a healthy environment, without air and water pollution and without toxic chemicals on our food and in our homes. Unfortunately, healthy environments are virtually nonexistent because of a pervasive invisible soup of toxic chemicals. (Some toxics, like smog, are quite visible.) To create a healthy space for you and your family, in spite of ever-present toxic substances, requires that you know what toxics are present in your environment, and what you can do to eliminate or minimize your exposure to them. Armed with knowledge and energized with intention, you can take charge of your health.