About the author

Bio of Donald L. Hoernschemeyer

For twenty years the author did industrial research and development work on refining uranium, fluoropolymer coatings, desalination (reverse osmosis) membranes, and structural graphite fiber; for ten years he did technical and quality management consulting. He has a B.S. in chemistry from Washington University and a PhD in physical chemistry from Florida State University.

He has long been interested in environmental issues, the health of the planet, and the relationship between toxic chemicals and disease. While living in the Los Angeles basin he became acutely aware of the toxic nature of smog, and understood the deadly chemical potency of the ozone in smog. This awareness motivated him to move out of the Los Angeles basin and up to the central California coast. After years of gathering information on the link between environmental toxins and human diseases, he wrote his book “Healthy Living in a Contaminated World” to help educate people about the hazards and how they can avoid most of the hazards.

In the public arena he has been a member of the Board of Directors of a church and a professional consulting organization and a member of the Board of Directors of a local water district. He participated in the work of the Beyond War foundation in the1980s, and in a countywide Transportation Task Force. He has taught chemistry in a prep school, and done volunteer teaching of Inspirational Science in 7-8 grades classes. He participates  in the Life Long Learners program at the local University of California Santa Cruz.

All his life he has loved activities in nature, e.g. hiking, camping, skiing, and kayaking.  Tennis have been a favorite physical activity. Nature photography is an artistic passion. Astronomy, cosmology, and molecular biology are his main intellectual hobbies.