About this site

This blog site was created to inform people about threats to their health from numerous toxic substances in the environment in which we are all immersed. It is also a place for questions, personal experiences, and conversations about the topic of health and disease and contaminants in the environment. This blog site will present short articles on diseases of the endocrine system, the immune system, the nervous system, and the fearsome disease – cancer. The articles will illustrate how these diseases result from thousands of industrial chemicals, from waste products (of industry), and pesticides of agriculture. Most importantly, the articles will indicate how people can avoid these environmental toxics and lead healthier lives.

In the early 1960s Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, alerted readers to the health hazard from DDT and other environmental pollutants. Others have followed the path blazed by Carson, e.g., Sandra Steingraber, Theo Colborn, Carolyn Raffensperger, Samuel Epstein, and Doris Rapp, and in my blog site I intend to continue the path of enlightening people so they can have healthier lives.