Table of Contents

Toxic popcorn; Toxic carpeting; Toxics in your blood: October

Toxic pesticides; Cancer odds; Minute quantities; Taking charge of your health; Sustainable life style: November

Worse than a shark bite; Safe dose myth; First stage of life; POPs: December

Number of toxics in  your blood; What’s happening to toxics in our bodies; Pristine blood?; Superfund sites: January

Reliability of toxicity standards; Vulnerability of the fetus; Eating our way to disease; Postscript to fetus; Mega plastics and cosmetics: February

Squeaky clean; Faces of chemistry; Hormonal sabotage; Web of life; Minor toxic actors: March

Flame retardants; Cleansing our bodies of toxics: April

BPA – safe of hazardous?; Safety in a vegetarian diet?; More on flame retardants; Healthy babies: May

Molecular Darth Vaders; A surprising hazard; Invaded by poisons: June